Our Products

We produce a wide range of high quality products for the automotive market

Product Characteristics

The materials we use are tested to adhere to top industry standards. Our products offer a vehicle concurrent warranty that offers complete peace of mind.

Universal Set Example

A universal 4 piece set of mats featuring a custom label and heel mat on our affordable value booster material option.

Fitted Set Example

A fitted 3 piece set of mats featuring two manufacturer labels and a heel mat on our high-end ultra plush material option.

Double Layer

Our carpets are laminated to rubber backing to form a durable double layered product. The shape of the fitted set is precision cut with the use of Lectra machines to ensure accuracy and quality.


A PVC heelmat is glued and stitched to the carpet on the drivers side. The heelmat provides extra strength to the area of the carpet that takes the biggest impact.

PVC Label

Our PVC labels are custom branded to customer specifications. The labels are stitched to the carpet as per customers preferences, usually to the driver and passenger sides.

Retro Fit Clips

Plastic clips or metal eyelets are fitted to most of our carpet sets. These clips are fitted to the passenger and driver mats and ensure that the carpets stay in place at all times.

Velcro & Binding

Velcro strips are sewn in various corners to further secure the mats to the floor. Binding around the periphery strengthens the edges and provides a neat finish.

MU-X Set Example

A fitted 10 piece set of mats featuring a custom label and heelmat on our durable dirt buster material option.

Bundu Bashers

Bundu Bashers are a relatively new product available. What makes Bundu Bashers unique from other mats on the market is the colour detailing within the mat itself which creates a world of opportunity when looking at branding and the overall aesthetics of the product. Moulds are cut to make this product and there is no limit to the number of colours that can be used. Bundu Bashers are very hard wearing and perfect for wet and even muddy feet, they can be hosed down and placed back, making them extremely long lasting, odorless and low maintenance.

PDI Kits

CARMAT has successfully developed a PDI Kit fitment programme that focusses on fitting every vehicle with customer specified
accessory packs at entrance or exit points to the bond stores. We manufacture and source the required components of the PDI
Kits, collate and package it in colour coded boxes for easy identification, deliver to the bond stores, fit and document each vehicle as they are completed.

Buffer stock is maintained to ensure unforeseen circumstances are mitigated and we have been able to maintain a 100% on time fitment rate for the past three years. This approach has eliminated logistical challenges for our customers and have proved less costly and more efficient. PDI Kits are made up of components specified by the OEM or Importer.

PDI Kit Contents

Fitted Carpet Set

Ranging from 1 – 12 peice sets per kit depending on the requirements and vehicle model type.

PVC Key Ring

Custom designed and branded PVC key rings.

License Disk Holders

Custom branded with a half moon sticker on the back to allow for easy replacement of the license.

Fitted Boot Mat

Fitted boot mats can be manufactured from our selection of materials.

Number Plate Carriers

Slightly curved to ensure a snug fit and have rubber plugs to prevent scratching and rattling.


We source and stock triangles to customer specification.

Service Book Wallet

Manufactured in house with a custom branded PVC logo as per branding requirements.

Boot Butler

Manufactured in house and is used to hold up to 4 grocery bags so that they do not not slide around in the boot.

Wallet Content

Loose contents as per requirements such as booklets, stickers, tear plates, brochures etc.

Outer Sticker

Colour coded sticker that is easily identifiable with all the required information.

Other Products

Seat Covers

First Aid Kits

Boot Butler

Wheel Arches

Service Book Wallet